Victorian House or Painted Lady Color Schemes: Matching Authentic Home Paint, Tip for New Color Schemes

Painted woman houses date back to the mid to late 1800s.
Most of them are constructed in the Queen Anne architectural design. Other house designs typical to that period are the more sprawling Greek Revival and Colonial design. A well-planned color plan can draw out the beauty in these kinds of Victorian houses, also.

Painted Ladies are known for their vibrant colors and detailed detailing. Inning accordance with modern requirements, to qualify as a real Painted Lady, a home should satisfy three criteria. It needs to be painted in three or more contrasting colors, the colors need to display a balanced, harmonious blend of different colors and architecture, and the colors should likewise be used to bring out the decorative embellishments of your house.

Somtimes as most as 11 colors are utilized on the same home to get the desired result.
Matching the Original Color Scheme or Choosing a Historic Color Scheme
A specialist can use existing paint chips to match and recreate a historic home's initial colors.

Or historical charts can be described in order to find possible matches or brand-new, yet authentic color design that remain in keeping with the time age.

Many initial Victorian homes were done in stately colors. Recommended color design consist of:

dark green and olive walls, trim and accents in blue, yellow, and sand
brown and light green walls, trim in cream, dark green and terracotta for detailing around windows.

Neutral Color Schemes

Lots of magnificent Victorian homes or Painted Ladies use either a white or beige for the primary color, then either pastels or brilliant colors for trim and detailing. Find Out More Here are some ideas:

beige or white walls, trim and accents in pastels such as rose, light blue, or pale green
beige or white walls, trim and accents in deep colors such as forest green or dep red
Tones of Purple and Rose
Some of the most beautiful houses utilize shades of the very same colors that mix in best consistency. Here are some sugggestion:

plum, raspberry, mauve for gables, walls and turrets, cream trim for porches and windows
mauve, light mauve for walls, brown and red for trim and accents
5-color increased scheme: dirty rose, violet, burgundy for walls, blue-gray and cream for trim
Strong Color Schemes
Some owners opt to paint their home in very bright, vibrant colors. Contrasting vibrant main and secondary colors such as red and green, yellow and violet, or blue and orange can create a style for drama. Here are some recommendations:

Forest green walls with red trim can produce an intense, Christmas-like impact
Orange walls with brilliant blue trim would never ever get disregarded.

There are lots of ways to make a Painted Lady or Victorian house stand out. These are just a few suggestions. With a little creativity, the options are unlimited.

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